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How to install wget for Windows



Wget is powerful command line open source tool for downloading files from internet using http, https or ftp. It is Unix/Linux utility, but you can use it on Windows too.

There are two options to install it on Windows:

  1. Download precompiled Windows version of Wget utility from here. Currently it is available 1.11.4 version. Just download wget.exe file and you can run it straight away.
  2. You will need more steps if you want to use latest Wget version (currently it is v1.15) on Windows, but it is also can be setup quite easy:
    • Download Cygwin – it is open source tool which allows run native applications on Windows.
    • Run downloaded setup-x86.exe (or setup-x86_64.exe for 64 bit Windows)
    • Choose default download source – Install from internet:

      Select download source for Cygwin

    • Choose installation directory for Cygwin:

      Choose installation directory

    • Select local package directory where installation files will be stored:

      Select Local Package Directory

    • Select your internet connection type, by default it is direct:
      Select Connection Type
    • Choose any site you want to download Cygwin from:

      Choose Download Site

    • In the next window enter wget into search box and in results select appropriate checkbox to install wget tool:

      Select wget

    • On the next screen just click Next:


    • Wait until installation will be completed:


    • And press Next again in the next screen:

      Postinstall script errors

    • On the last screen you can select icons you want to create and Finish it:


    • You should see such icon on your Desktop if you selected to create one on previous step:


That’s it.

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