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How to delete unused WordPress themes

how to delete unused WordPress themes

Everytime you logging to your WordPress admin panel there are always new updates available. Updates for WordPress itself, updates for plugins, updated for themes.

WordPress Updates

And you can’t ignore these updates, as usually they are security updates and you want to keep your WordPress site safe and up to date.

To get less update messages in admin panel you should delete unused plugins and themes. With every major WordPress update there is a new WordPress theme released and number of themes on your site grows pretty fast.

WordPress Themes Update

So do yourself a favor and delete WordPress themes you don’t use. How to do it?

Go to Themes in WordPress Admin panel:

WordPress Themes page

Click on select a theme you want to delete:

Delete WordPress Theme

And in the lower right corner there is “Delete” button. Click on it and you will have one WP theme less to worry about.

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