For some reason everybody (or at least most webmasters) are looking for ways to improve bounce rate – make people to visit more pages on their websites. I hate when I am looking for some information and I am forced to click here or there for more information. I love to have everything in one place and I try to blog in the same way. If somebody came to my website (s)he should find everything in the landing page.

But there is a problem from such approach. I am loosing data about how much time people spend on my site. It will 0 values if visitor comes to my site, reads content and presses back button as Google Analytics won’t record this event.

I though I can’t much to do with this but then I found this post about how to improve bounce rate. For me it was solution to get proper visit duration statistics. It works only with Google Analytics, but that is enough for me.

The implementation is very simple. You can follow instruction provided in above post or you can use wordpress this plugin.

You will see impact the next morning. I added this scrip to my site on 5th of November and you can see how bounce rate and average visit duration changed on the next day.

average visit duration and bounce rate in Google Analytics

Average visit duration and bounce rate in Google Analytics

Average visit duration went up to 18 minutes from 1 minute and bounce rate went down to 8% from 86%. Don’t you like it? Personally I love such improvement and you need just couple minutes to deploy it on your website.